Ernakulam is the most developed districts in Kerala and it is the Commercial Capital of Kerala. The name 'Ernakulam' is derived from the name of a very famous temple of Lord Shiva called the Ernakulathappan Temple and the Tamil word 'Erayanarkulam' which means 'Lord Shiva's abode'. The Hindus of Kerala worship all the major Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu. Centers of worship have sprung up in different parts of Kerala based on the worship of various Goddess.

Ernakulam occupies an important place among the districts of Kerala in the point of literacy and educational standards. There are sufficient services for education from Pre-primary level to Post graduate level and for specialized and technical education. Ernakulam District is the first district in the whole country having the 100% Literacy.

Majority of islands in Kerala are in Ernakulam district which was from different parts of old Cochin Travancore Malabar area. The main islands of this district are Willington Island, Valiya Kadamakkudi, Cheriya Kadamakkudi, Ponjikkara, Ramanthuruthu, Chendamangalam, Vallarpadam, Panangad, Kumbalam, Cheppanam, Pizhala, Nettoor, Kankattuthuruthu, Cheranelloor, Korampadam, Chathanadu and World's most populated Vypeen Island. All these islands are populated areas.